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Solve Everyday Jeep Wrangler Tie-Down Problems with a GenRight Lock and Load System


Our goal at GenRight is to create useful, innovative, and solidly constructed parts and accessories for Jeep Wranglers. The GenRight Lock and Load Tub Rail Tie Down system we have engineered checks off all of those boxes.

Simply put, this great idea easily provides 6 tie-down points along the tub rail for Jeep Wrangler JKU, JK, TJ, YJ and CJ. Jeep Wrangler LJ scores 8 tie-down points. All this extra utility only runs $50-$60 depending on what model Wrangler you have. 

It’s always been a bit of a pain making straps and bungee cords particularly useful in a Jeep Wrangler tub. There is really nothing to hook onto unless you have a cage, and even then the straps or cords tends to slide along the poles for an unstable hold. 

The GenRight Lock and Load Tub Rail Tie Down system puts tie down points right near the four corners of the tub plus 2 or 4 more in the mid-rail area. 

These are very easy to install, as it bolts on using the existing holes for the factory hard top. Speaking of hardtops, the GenRight Lock and Load Tub Rail Tie Down system is compatible with the factory hardtop. Just mount the Tie Down rails, then remount the hardtop right on top of them for a snug fit. 

No longer do you need to look for a good place to hook your straps or bungees when you are trying to keep things from flying out of your Jeep on the road or the trail. You instantly improve the overland factor of your Jeep. 

This high quality series of tie down points are made in America from 3/16" thick 6061-T6 Aluminum, and are sized to accept just about any strap, bungee, or other hook. Since they essentially over the top of the tub rails, they also protect the paint when loading items or people in or out over the side of the rails into the tub area. 

They debuted at the 2016 Off Road Expo in southern California and the first several runs quickly sold out. These remain one of our most popular items for its simplistic innovation and solid construction. The GenRight Lock and Load Tub Rail Tie Down system are sold as a pair and includes new stainless steel mounting hardware. 

These are just one of the many products designed to improve the storage and cargo capacity of your Jeep Wrangler including our cargo rack and cargo carrier.