Jeep JK (4 Door) Full Roll Cage Kit

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    This laser cut and puzzled Roll Cage Kit (un-welded) from GenRight Off Road for the Jeep Wrangler JKU (2007-2018).

    We use the latest Laser Cutting and CNC Tube Bending technology to build this cage from heavy duty 2" diameter DOM tubing and features solid 8-point mounting for maximum protection (unlike any other cage on the market). 

    This is the best most protective, complete replacement, weld-in (not bolt in) cage available making it the safest cage on the market for a Jeep Wrangler JKU.

    All the tubes are cut to length and notched to fit together like a "puzzle." You just need a (MIG or TIG) welder to put it all together.


    • Made from 2" diameter heavy duty x .120" wall D.O.M. (Drawn Over Mandrel) seamless tubing..
    • Laser Cut and notched CNC bent tubes, with additional keying for fool-proof assembly and a precision fit.
    • Solid 8-point mounting for maximum safety by adding an additional pillar behind rear seats to protect passengers .
    • Designed for maximum visibility with an ultra low profile dash bar.
    • Only minor trimming of plastic dash end caps is needed and is not visible when cage is installed.
    • Front doors do not rub the sides of the dash after cage is installed (like other cage kits).
    • Fits under both, factory hard and soft tops.
    • Can be used with factory metal (full or half) doors or soft doors.
    • Pre-welded heavy duty cage to tub mounting brackets are laser cut and formed.
    • Each tube has the part number laser etched into it, so there are no mistakes.
    • 2 grab handles are included for the front (grab handles for the rear passengers are optional).
    • Includes mounting brackets to retain all the factory seat belts.
    • Includes all necessary mounting hardware (Grade 8)
    • Includes very detailed step by step installation instructions (can be installed in 2 days).

    Optional Accessories:

    Important Notes:

    • This kit was designed to be used with all the options (X-bar  and V-bar). We strongly urge you to install these bars for the cage to provide it's best protection.
    • This kit is sold un-welded, requiring welding by the end user in the vehicle.
    • It is best to build the cage in the Jeep that it will be used in.
    • Both factory seat belts and 5-point harnesses can be used.
    • This kit requires complete removal of the stock roll bar (and most of the interior for install).
    • After welding the cage, the cage can be removed for powder coating.
    • It is possible to re-fit most of the stock interior plastic (including the sound bar), but it will take some work to trim the plastic nicely.
    • Some trimming of the rear door panel (on factory hard doors) will be necessary to clear B-pillar tubes.
    • Adding a roll cage to a Jeep is not a guarantee of safety. However, this is a substantial upgrade from the factory cage.
    • We also offer a A-pillar upgrade (GRC-8005) to be used with our aluminum Dash upgrade (DSH-8030)
    • We offer an adapter bracket kit to run a Bestop TrekTop (GRC-8065) too.


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     Interested in buying a FULLY WELDED Roll Cage from GenRight? Call us at 805-584-8635 for a price!

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    1. BEST of the BEST, and it's not even close

      Installed this cage in my Jeep a little over a year ago and it's simply the BEST cage option on the market BAR NONE. on Jun 26th 2021

    2. Awesome JKU Cage

      Cuttin up the skool bus.
      I would recommend this to everyone if IF you are up for the challenge I'm an ass and pretty cocky. This "cage" is AWESOME!
      on Feb 5th 2021

    3. The tubes fall into place

      Hello GenRight nation! Working on my JKU cage install right now. Awesome quality. Each tube/bar fall into place unbelievably well. on Jan 22nd 2021

    4. Done Right!

      You can always count on Tony Pellegrino and the GenRight team to make a quality product! So nice being able to use the factory hard top with the best cage on the market! Protection from rolls and the elements;) on Dec 16th 2020

    5. Perfect! Installed in a weekend!

      My husband has a '15 JKU. He wanted a Roll Cage for his birthday. He talks very highly of GenRight and their products. I ordered it and it came in perfect condition and he installed it in a weekend! Thanks for all you do!!! on Oct 14th 2020

    6. Best Cage for a JK out there

      I went back and forth between doing a custom cage and this one from GenRight Off Road, and I'm extremely happy with my choice to go with the GenRight cage! It is top notch quality and super easy to install. Had it tacked together before noon. The laser cut tubing all fits perfectly, it was also much cheaper than trying to get a custom cage built. The design work they put into this to make sure it mounts in the strongest parts of the Jeep is apparent when you go through the install process. Not to mention it looks fantastic. I have a friend who has this cage and took a pretty hard double rollover and it held up perfectly. One of the best things I have done for my Jeep is add this cage from GenRight. on Aug 25th 2020

    7. Only 1 Real Cage on the Market

      There is no other "true cage" option out there. GenRight's is perfectly engineered and comes ready to be tackled...or you can have GenRight masterfully weld it (like I chose to do)! on Apr 9th 2020

    8. Most Important Thing You Can Put In Your Jeep

      A good cage will save your life, I have seen it with our ambassadors and our builds. No other part will be more important to you than when you roll. As you get better and try bigger things and harder trails its bound to happen. The kit is so easy to install and you lose no functionality to the jeep by installing it. Do yourself and everyone who rides in your jeep a favor and take a look at this cage for your build. on Mar 16th 2020

    9. The peace of mind you need

      The GenRight roll cage was on my builds bucket list for so long and I'm very glad to add it to my build. Each pipe is cut not just to fit exactly where it needs to, but there are holes and notches so its easy to tack and weld on your own. I have several friends who have unfortunately had to test the cages strength and I hope I never get that chance but I have the utmost faith and peace of mind if that day comes. Thank you for the fast shipping and amazing quality of product! on Mar 16th 2020

    10. The whole package

      TIG it, or MIG it...powder it or paint it. This cage has clean, crisp lines that'll save you and your passengers and keep in mind that this is same cage, with minor addition, that held its' own thru KOH. Out of the box this cage is legit, notched, cut and ready to tack together. Fit and finish is hands-down the best in the industry and it is a complete cage, not some bolt-on to a (let's face it) chintzy factory cage. Paired up with the removable B-pillar kit, safety ties with aesthetics for first place. on Mar 10th 2020

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    How easy is it to assemble our all new Laser Notched, CNC Bent and Keyed Roll Cage? Take a look! Our cage is keyed, so that it literally assembles like a puzzle, with a precision fit and flawless accuracy. See more at:
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