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Aeromotive Fuel Rails, Chevy LS, 14115

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This is the Aeromotive Fuel Rails for a Chevy LS 6.2L engine (P/N 15115).

Aeromotive billet fuel rails are built for maximum fuel flow and ease of installation. Aeromotive fuel rails provide optimal injector supply with minimal hydraulic fluctuation, they'll feed up to 3,000 hungry horses. The fuel rails feature ORB-08 ports with compact connections and positive leak free sealing. Full size ports at the end of the rails insure proper fuel flow. Additional inlet and outlet ports are provided where required for plumbing convenience. Steel mounting brackets are custom engineered for each application, combining a solid durable mounting platform that ensures a correct fit. Aeromotive fuel rails are CNC-machined and include a great looking anodized finish.

This the same in-line filter we use on the GenRight Terremoto Jeep JKU.


  • H
  • Easy to install.
  • Replaceable filter element is easy to change.