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Dynatrac ProRock XD60 Jeep Front Axle

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GenRight is now offering the Dynatrac ProRock axles for our Jeep Wrangler JK Elite suspension systems!

The advantages of the all-new Dynatrac ProRock XD60® axle housing include:

  • The axle was designed to hold a larger differential and 10.1-inch ring gear, providing a 16 percent strength increase over 9.75-inch Dana 60 gears.
  • The patented design provides the best ground clearance in the industry.
  • The new Dynatrac ProRock XD60® starts with a center section cast from high-strength nodular iron.
  • Using CAD/FEA and advanced engineering tools, Dynatrac designed the new center section for increased rigidity, increasing the stability of critical tolerances during high stress for better durability.
  • It is also available with larger carrier and pinion bearings for even more strength.
  • The internal Dynatrac Dual Sump High Volume (DSHV) lubrication system provides optimal oiling.
  • All of these improvements were achieved while also making the center section 15 percent lighter.
  • The ProRock XD60® also has optimal cast-in features for air locker and electric locker connections.
  • In addition to these engineering advancements in the center section and wheel ends, the Dynatrac XD60® also features an all-new differential cover designed to withstand brutal beatings in demanding off-road and racing conditions. The lower bolt heads are deeply embedded in the cover for skid protection, and the fasteners are the largest in the industry: 7/16 inch compared to conventional 3/8 inch. The rock ribs have been placed for optimal protection.

The Dynatrac ProRock XD60® is designed for 3-3/4-inch outside-diameter axle tubes with 1/4-inch wall thickness. The 1/4-inch-thick axle tubes are 22 percent stronger than a 3-1/8-inch-diameter tube with 5/16-inch wall thickness, and they weigh the same.

Featuring the Dynatrac-exclusive 1550LT® Wheel Ends

  • The new 1550 LT® wheel ends are made from high-strength, lightweight, military-grade aluminum.
  • Forged 4140, heat-treated, fixed spindles and serviceable wheel bearings support up to 44 inch tall tires.
  • No other 4x4 front axle offers the ease of steering, low scrub radius, effective Ackermann angle and high steering linkage positioning.
  • Dynatrac-exclusive U.S.-made forged, double-heat-treated 1550 35-spline axle shaft assemblies.
  • These are the best shafts in the industry and are capable of up to 50-degree turning angles.
  • 8 Lug bolt pattern


  • These axles are built to GenRight's specs, 5.38 gears, ARB locker, special pinion offset, castor, machined for a special bridge and pinion angle.
  • This axle has NO mounting brackets welded on (as new heavy duty brackets come in the Elite suspension kit).
  • We also sell the matching Dynatrac Pro Rock 80 Rear Axle.