KING 2.5" Coilover Shocks (14" Stroke) w/ Remote Reservoir (Each)

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KING 2.5" Coilover Shocks w/ Remote Reservoir

This is the KING Brand of 2.5" diameter Coil Over Shock, with remote reservoir. These are the best and most quiet coil over shocks you can buy for you off road Jeep.

KING Shocks have a great name in the off-road world. They build an extremely high quality shock and this is best for all around off-roading (rock crawling, blasting down the fire roads and whooped out sand washes). In addition to being able to set spring pre-load, these shocks have an adjustable ring on the body to allow you to set a point in the shocks travel kicks in the second spring rate (very cool).

  • Remote Reservoir with huge 7/8" high pressure hose & fittings.
  • 7/8" diameter, precision ground Hard Chrome shafts.
  • Each shock has a precision honed steel body.
  • Heims on both ends (not rubber or urethane bushings)
  • Includes King Shock trademark, Blue anodized shock caps.
  • Single bolt pinch clamp on upper spring collar for easy pre-load adjustment.
  • Tapered lower spring cup is standard (not flat like others).
  • Heat treated internal parts provide consistent performance when shock is hot or cold.
  • Sold EACH.
  • Includes dual rate (two different springs) coil springs and sliders.
  • Race proven performance and durability.
  • Fully revalvable & rebuildable.
Each coil over shock you buy from GenRight is pre-valve’d and sprung specifically for the front or rear of a Jeep (not a race truck or buggy like other companies sell).

  • We only STOCK the most common (which is 14" travel) to be used with our suspension kits. However, we do offer other travel shocks as a special order.
  • Be sure to specify for use on Front or Rear of your Jeep.
  • Springs on shocks will be Blue in color.
  • We also offer a handy universal remote reservoir mount.
  • No special lock ring tool(s) are required.
  • Nitrogen charged to 150psi.
  • Shocks are revalvable.
  • Shocks are rebuildable by King for $80 each. 
Travel Extended Compressed
12" 32.650" 20.650"
14" 37.250" 23.250"
16" 42.000" 26.000"