KING 2.5" IBP Coilover Shock w/Remote Clicker Reservoir (Each)

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2.5" King Internal Bypass Coil Over Shock

This is the KING Shock 2.5" IBP Coil Over Shock, with clicker remote reservoir. This is the best you can get for limited space, single shock applications on the Jeep Wrangler JK.

Same shocks we use on the GenRight Rock Doc JK!

KING Shocks have a unique internal bypass (IBP) shock that does not have the drawbacks of the common twin tube design. The King IBP internal bypass shock delivers precisely tunable velocity sensitive and position sensitive damping as well as a hydraulic bump stop in a bolt-on monotube shock. King’s monotube design uses a full diameter piston and standard, full size valving. It’s built from the same quality materials and to the same precise tolerances as King’s top of the line Pure Race series shocks. Mounted to the shaft below the standard piston, a second set of valving is housed in a billet aluminum chamber that contains valve shims and port openings that allow fluid to bypass the standard piston by flowing through ports into the shock’s hollow shaft.undefined.

To make the shock position sensitive, a tapered, metering rod protrudes down from the center of the top cap. As the shaft moves into the shock body during the compression stroke it envelops the fixed tapered pin. The taper gradually closes the opening in the end of the shaft restricting the flow of fluid. When the taper reaches the full pin diameter, it restricts flow through the secondary valving diverting all fluid flow through the primary piston valving. Pin length determines the point in the shocks travel where the bypass flow is metered.  The taper angle controls how sudden or gradual the restriction. When the secondary valving is closed and all fluid is flowing through the primary piston, enough damping force exists at the last few inches of compression travel to compress the fluid at the top of the shock body creating a suspension arresting hydraulic bump stop.

When you consider the multitude of valving combinations and the numerous valve chamber port configurations that exist, the tuning options in the secondary valving alone are nearly infinite. The internal bypass shock can be set-up with light valving at ride height to deliver a smooth comfortable ride while still providing substantial damping force at full compression to prevent bottoming out during hard use. The IBP can be manufactured as a smooth bodied shock to work with an existing coil, torsion or leaf spring or as a coilover shock to provide damping and suspend the vehicles weight. The IBP packs a ton of performance in a compact durable package that’s perfect for dual-purpose rigs, daily drivers or competition vehicles that are limited by rules to one shock per wheel. Regardless of your application, King Shocks has the solution to your performance damping needs. Nothing rides like a King.

Sold EACH coil over shock you buy from GenRight is pre-valve’d and sprung specifically for the front or rear of a Jeep (not a race truck or buggy like other companies sell).

  • Sold each
  • Includes dual rate springs and slider
  • We only stock the most common (which is 14" travel) to be used with our GenRight suspension kits. However, we do offer 12" Stroke as well
  • Be sure to specify for use on Front or Rear of your Jeep.
  • Springs on shocks will be Blue in color.
  • We also offer a handy universal remote reservoir mount.
  • No special lock ring tool(s) are required.
  • Nitrogen charged to 150psi.
  • Shocks are revalvable.
  • Shocks are rebuildable by King for a nominal charge.
Travel Extended Compressed
12" 32.650" 20.650"
14" 37.650" 23.250"
16" 42.000" 26.000"