Vented Power Steering Pulley

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VPP1001 - GenRight Vented Power Steering Pulley


This is not just eye candy... Big tires and tough trails will make your power steering pump work hard and get incredibly hot!

Hot fluid will dramatically shorten the life of the fluid and the pump.

GenRight's vented power steering pulley has been skillfully CNC machined to have 4 fan blades into the center section of the pulley to continuously pushing cool air across the power steer pump. Resulting in a cooler pump will last longer.

Then we machined them for a 10% overdrive since most of your steering off road is at low engine speed, making the steering more responsive.


    • Available in 6 row Serpentine style only.
    • Fit the factory Jeep TJ (1997 - 2006) or Jeep XJ with the 4.0L engine.
    • Fits TC type power steering pumps with .6635"+ or - diameter shafts.
    • Available in Red or Blue anodized color.
    • Easy press on installation by using a bolt to pull the pulley onto the pump shaft.
    • 5" diameter (equals 10% overdrive).
    • Race Proven durability at KOH 2020.
    • 100% Made in USA!


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2 Reviews

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    Lives up to the claims!

    Posted by Justin on Sep 2nd 2022

    I measured the air flow directly behind the pulley, on top of the pump. The tool used was wind meter used for long range target shooting. RPM was measured by a handheld tachometer with a reflective piece of tape stuck to the very outside forward face of the respective pulleys. Here are the results with the engine idling at 750 rpm: Stock pulley Airflow-2-4 mph, airflow seemed pretty turbulent. I attribute this to the radiator fan and the obstructions between it and the fan. RPM-980 GR Pulley Airflow-consistently 11-11.5 mph RPM-1070 Overall, it looks to check the boxes. Thanks GR!

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    Red power steering pump pulley, Awesome!

    Posted by Lee on Jun 6th 2018

    Just trying to dress up a bland engine bay and this pulley did the trick. Looks great. High quality machined aluminum pulley. I can’t say much on just how the cooling blades work bc I haven’t tested it but it looks like it would defiantly cool things down based on angle of blades to pull air over the power steering pump. If your looking for that special one of a kind part to set your engine apart from everyone else I defiantly recommend.