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Aeromotive Phantom Returnless In-Tank Fuel Pump & Baffle System

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This is the Aeromotive Phantom P/N 18329 EFI RETURNLESS in-tank EFI fuel pump kit, that is internally regulated.

It is a direct replacement for any Jeep manufactured between 2003 and current.

Featuring the same simple, fabrication free installation of the return style Phantom kits, but you just run one AN-06 supply line through an Aeromotive high flow filter to the engine, connect a proper power supply to the pump and bang, you’re done!  Supports up to 600 FWHP naturally aspirated and up to 450 FWHP forced induction on gasoline.  Reduce FWHP limit by 30% for E85.

This product is not legal for sale or use on emission-controlled vehicles except when used as a direct replacement part matching OEM specifications.


  • (1) 340 Stealth in-tank, fuel pump.
  • 55-60 PSI internal bypass valve for returnless installations.
  • ORB-06 outlet and vent ports on black anodized aluminum Phantom pump top.
  • In-tank foam baffle and sump.
  • Gasoline and Ethanol compatible.
  • Made for non-pulse modulated return-less systems.

Recommended parts to complete the system include:

  • (1) 12347 10-m Filter w/ male AN-06 fittings (for gasoline only).
  • (1) 16307 Fuel Pump Wiring Kit.
  • (2) 15606 ORB-06 to AN-06 port fittings.
  • Adapter to factory fuel line.


  • Requires optional adapter plate (GST-5536) to work on all GenRight -2 gas tanks.
  • If swapping into a stock Jeep fuel system, you may need an in-line filter and regulator.