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Currie JK 44 Front Crate Axle - Complete

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The Currie 44 complete axle is a direct bolt-in solution for the Jeep Wrangler JK 2007 - 2018 off road jeep wranglers.

The cost is reduced by retaining the stock outer knuckle assemblies (brakes, hubs etc.) and stock wheel bolt pattern (5 on 5) off your stock front axle.

Built to the legendary Currie Standard with features including:

  • Currie high-pinion 44 nodular-iron center section with thicker walls and webbing that deliver superior strength and rigidity.
  • Large 3” diameter .375” thick wall axle tubes that are 2x stronger than stock (Dana 30).
  • Heavy duty forged inner knuckles, designed for use with up to 37” tall tires.
  • Currie Performance 4340 Chromoly axles provide superior strength over OEM carbon steel axles.
  • Nodular-iron differential cover to defend against those unfortunate rock encounters.
  • Includes all new beefier control arm and coil spring suspension mounts.
  • Upper control arm mounts include rebuildable Johnny Joints® for improved suspension articulation.
  • New Genuine Dana Spicer ball joints.
  • 4.88, 5.13 or 5.38 gear ratios available.
  • You choose the locker type: ARB or Eaton E-locker.
  • 65.375" wide (same as stock JK).
  • Satin Black painted.


  • Recommended maximum 37-inch tire size due to the inherent limitations of the stock brakes, wheel bearings and axle u-joints.
  • An AEV programmer will be necessary to reprogram the different axle gear ratio and tire size to correct the shift points and speedometer.
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