Currie Extreme 70 Front Axle - Complete

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Currie Enterprises Rock Jock 70 Front Axle

  • HD Oversized OE Style Calipers & Rotors
  • Contents of the R1 Concepts big brake kit for the Currie Rock Jock front axle
  • Alcon Big Brake kit for the front of a Jeep JK
  • Jeep JK Hi-Steer Kit for Currie RockJock Front Axle
  • Hi-Steer Kit for Currie RockJock/VXR Front Axle on a Jeep CJ, YJ or TJ
  • GenRight's 4130 CrMo Armadillo Differential Skid
  • GenRight's Differential Skid Plate Guard for the Currie Rock Jock
This is the race proven Currie Extreme 70 Front Axle.

This is the same axle Tony has successfully run in our 805HP V8 powered 4400 Class racer for 7 years and his Terremoto JK! 

This is a complete axle (but NO mounting brackets), so it's ready for the control arm mounts of your choice so they get welded on by you in the proper location that is specific to your vehicle!

This axle is typically something we stock (to our GenRight specs) delivery is an extra fee.

We figured out a long time ago that new aftermarket axles custom ordered and built from scratch are the way to go!

You get a hi-pinion in front (optimal). All the geometry (castor and pinion angle is a GenRight spec) is correct and you get Hi-Steer on knuckles that were meant to have hi-steer.

Currie uses the HUGE 10-5/8" ring gear and 35 spline axles that are 1-1/2” diameter and super thick axle tubes.

Did you know that a front Dana 60 turns 10 degrees sharper than a 44?

Get this no compromise High clearance Currie Extreme 70 for your Jeep!

These axles are also manufactured with Currie's trademark "rotated" diff cover to prevent leaking from damage on the trail.

SPECS for axles stocked at GenRight:

  • New Style Currie Extreme 70 Front Axle (less brakes).
  • Hi-Pinion (runs on the proper side of the gear).
  • High clearance differential housing with diff skid plate.
  • 70" wheel mounting surface to wheel mounting surface.
  • Eaton (electric) Locker. Heavy duty 4 pinion design (or ARB upon special order).
  • Huge Dana 70 gears (10-5/8" diameter ring gear) and 35 spline pinion.
  • 5.38 : 1 Gear Ratio.
  • Load Bolt and drain plug on new heavy duty Currie 70 center section!
  • 3-3/4" diameter axle tubes.
  • 5 on 5-1/2 bolt pattern (considered to be the standard Jeep bolt pattern).
  • 5/8" diameter wheel studs.
  • 1-1/2" diameter, 35 spline axle shafts.
  • 1480 Series U-joints on the axle shafts.
  • WARN Locking Hubs.
  • Knuckles are machined for and include a pair of Hi-Steer Arms (for double sheer).
  • Top of Diff housing is machined and tapped to mount the GenRight single upper control arm (FSM-1040).
  • Super thick Currie fabricated Diff Cover.
  • 1350 Yoke for driveshaft u-joint.
  • No Control arm or Trac bar brackets are installed on this axle (bare tubes).
  • Includes tone rings for JK's.



  • We have a matching Currie 70 Rear Axle in stock too!
  • We now offer 3 different disc brake options: Oversized OE style rotor/caliper, R1 or Alcon.
  • Due to the possibility of damage during shipping, none of the brake options are installed on the axle.
  • This axle in stock is a Drivers side "drop" (JK, TJ & YJ are driver side).
  • This is a "bare" (no brackets) axle, as we feel it is best to position the axle first then attach the brackets in the optimum position and location for your vehicle (allowing for bigger tires or stretched wheelbases).
  • The brakes will require a "banjo" style connection that may be larger than your existing brake line.
  • If you are installing this axle using the GenRight Elite or Tracer suspensions, we offer a pre-drilled and welded hi-steer arm of the passenger side (STK-8010) STK-8750 and STK-5755to have everything you need to complete Hi-Steering on this axle.
  • If installing this axle on a Jeep Wrangler TJ, YJ or LJ (with a steering box), we offer a twister pitman arm STK-2503, STK-5750 and STK-5755. Order all these parts to have everything you need to complete Hi-Steering on this axle.
  • Control arm and trac bar mounting brackets are sold separately (depending on the model Jeep you are building) and require welding to install them.
  • The 70" WMS to WMS allows you to run a 4-3/4" back spaced wheel to reduce wheel "scrub".

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