JK (4 Door) Stick-on Rocker Guard Aluminum Kick Plate

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GenRight stick on Kick Plates


This is a great add on to any Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited with a factory rocker guard or step!

This Aluminum "Kick Plate" can be added on to protect the paint or just dress up the look of your 4 door Jeep Wrangler.


  • Precision laser cut, this piece of 1/8" thick aluminum.

  • Easy to install by simply sticking on lower rocker portion of the body.

  • High quality 3M adhesive holds securely in place under any outdoor conditions.

  • Sold as a pair (one Left & one Right).

  • Fits all 4 door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited's from 2007 - 2017.

  • Sold in nice brushed aluminum finish.

  • Can also be painted or powder coated any color.


  • Also available in a bolt on version (see RCG-8066).

  • Matching aluminum door guards are also available (check drop down options).

  • No drilling required to mount on the vehicle.

  • We also offer B-pillar protection (ACC-8060) that works with this product.

  • We also offer a full aluminum and steel rocker guards for heavy duty off road use (RCG-8104 and RCG-8004).

3 Reviews

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    Great look super easy install

    Posted by Nick Barkey on Jan 6th 2020

    Another great product with easy install. Havent had any issues with the supplied tape so far. Would recomend to anyone not want to mess with drilling and nutserts!

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    Beautiful Art while retaining functionality

    Posted by Joe on Dec 13th 2018

    Beautiful as all get out. beautifully crafted, precision laser-cut, and the brushing is just on par. I have Aluminum fenders that I hand-brushed and polished myself and they are just beautifully matched. I had an issue with mine where it fell off due to the tape. Let's be fair, tape is picky. very picky. They told me this was limited run done a few years ago, so if they send you some weird looking tape, don't complain and just get some better adhesive tape. That's not really their area and more so a vendor issue and other things as such. I contacted them about it, next frickin day they sent out a new kick plate and Shane, one of the owners personally apologized to me about it. Now, this type of customer service has been lost over the years. Also, I didn't go with the bolt-mounted armor because I just get tired of drilling into my Jeep's body every time I want to add something. I know it's a jeep, but when you pay 40k+ for a jeep and you're an average worker, you'd like to see the paint last longer than 10 years before rusting by bolt-holes. After all of this and the way they handled things, I don't want to order from another manufacturer, and plan to pick up their bumpers, tire carrier, and the Full-Roll Cage as soon as I can.

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    Great look!

    Posted by Marc on Dec 11th 2018

    Overall i love it, it’s better than having to drill more holes in your Jeep. It’s take maybe a hour to do. The only negative is the tape that is provided, it started to peel off after a day. I had to redo mine, and buy new stronger double sided tape. Which now holds great.