JL EXS Suspension System (Complete Frame)

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EXS is designed as a system, not a bolt-on kit

Jeep JL


Been looking for the best suspension for your Jeep Wrangler JL or 392?

Thinking about a coil over conversion?


Well after years of engineering, GenRight has developed the most advanced and durable coil over conversion on the market!


This is the JL EXS (Elite Xtreme Suspension) Coil Over, Long Arm & Long Travel Suspension "System" for the Jeep Wrangler JL 4 door (fits 2018 to Current).


This is the same thing Tony runs on the GenRight Aftershock Jeep JL.


This is the best suspension you could build or buy for a Jeep Wrangler JL!




Low ride height, this suspension sits 1.5" lower than our race proven JK Elite suspension and bumps 3.5" deeper.


The completely flat belly grants you a 20" belly height and only 80" tall with hard top on 40" tires.


Great for driving on and off road.


Racing quality coil over shocks are moved all the way out to the wheels for the best spring and dampening control. This provides the driver a positive and predictable feel.


True dual rate spring rates that are also adjustable (preload and where second rate kicks in).


This JL system includes a NEW frame, which is built in a precision jig and welded here at GenRight by our craftsmen.


Replacement frame has entire suspension welded in place, this significantly cuts install time where the drivetrain and body just need to be transfer onto a complete rolling chassis, that can be done in 4 days.


Unlike other "kits" on the market that bolt to existing mounting brackets on the thin stock frame, this suspension "system" that was designed to provide optimal suspension geometry and a smooth non-binding movement through the entire stroke of the suspensions travel (aka: articulation).


We designed this system and place the shocks in the optimal position to provide your vehicle the best articulation and dampening control for the best and most balanced ride.


Yes, this package, replaces the entire Front and Rear suspension on your Jeep (JL) with the best components on the market and gets your Jeep RIGHT the First Time!

Complete Jeep JLU Chassis Includes:

• All new Heavy Duty 3/16" thick frame with all EXS mounts welded in place (stock frame is only .090").

EXS Coil over shock towers front & rear (fits 2.5 or 3.0" King coil over shocks).

• Heavy Duty Front & Rear crossmembers with upper and lower link mounts.

• Front & Rear bump stop cans (bumps sold separately).

• Transmission crossmember.

• Front Bumper with tow points and recessed winch mount.

• Rear Bumpers with tow points and receiver hitch.

• Motor Mounts.

• Heavy Duty Body Mounts.

• Sway bar mounts (rear only).


Compatible with all Jeep Wrangler JLU's with:

Stock JL 3.6L gas engine & 8 speed transmission.

Stock JL 3.6L gas engine with E-torque & 8 speed transmission.

Stock JL 392 Hemi engine & 8 speed transmission.



  • We recommend starting with a Rubicon model.
  • We offer an optional frame mounted rocker guard set.
  • Rear bumper includes a high clearance 2" receiver hitch.
  • King shocks are only option at this time. Pictured with 3" King IBP's.
  • Designed for the high clearance Currie axles for the best suspension travel.
  • We manufacturer our own power steering mounts for a hydro assist steering system.
  • If you have a 392 JLU, we recommend ordering an Atlas transfer case.
  • All EXS builds are being done at GenRight until December of 2023.
  • This is the bare frame with GenRight components installed only. This chassis does not include the shocks, bump stops, Currie axles, Atlas transfer case, tires, wheels, brake lines, or any other items.
  • Frame is sold raw (unpainted), but powder coating is optional.

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