5 Pin TJ / LJ '01+ Flasher Unit

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5 Pin TJ / LJ Flasher Unit


This is a modified 5 pin electronic flasher unit to make the turn signals "flash" with LED lights. This flasher is specifically designed to work in all 2001 - 2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ & LJ's.

Please order when using our:
LED-1100, LED-1200, LED-1004 L.E.D. light sets.

Simple to install, located just under steering column cover at the dash.

FYI: It is necessary to use a modified flasher, since the LED lights draw less power from the electrical system, hence the system does not recognize that a light is there in the circuit (similar to a burned out bulb in the factory Circuit) to illuminate. This is a factory Jeep system default to a "fast flash" to alert the driver of a burned out bulb.



  • For all 1997 to 2000 Jeeps please go to the auto parts store for a 4 Pin ELECTRONIC FLASHER.


  1. For all you YJ or CJ guys, you can purchase a simple 2 pin ELECTRONIC flasher at any auto parts store near you for about $9