4 Pin TJ '97-'00 Flasher Unit

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4 Pin TJ / LJ Flasher Unit


This is a 4 pin electronic flasher unit to make the turn signals "flash" with LED lights. This flasher is meant for 1997 to 2000 Jeeps running LED lights. It replaces the old Analog type that depend on the resistance from the old style incandescent bulbs.

Please order when using our:
LED-1100, LED-1200, LED-1004 L.E.D. light sets.

Easy to install, simple plug-in.



FYI: It is necessary to use an electronic flasher, since the LED lights draw less power from the electrical system, hence the system does not recognize that a light is there in the circuit (similar to a burned out bulb in the factory Circuit) to illuminate. This is a factory Jeep system default to a "fast flash" to alert the driver of a burned out bulb.




No returns on electronic items. 


  • For all newer Jeeps (2001-2006), please use 5 Pin Flasher: LED-1300.

  1. For all you YJ or CJ guys, you can purchase a simple 2 pin ELECTRONIC flasher at any auto parts store near you.