Hi-Steer Kit for Currie Rock Jock Front Axle (Non-JK)

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Hi-Steer Kit for Currie RockJock/VXR Front Axle on a Jeep CJ, YJ or TJ


This "one click" kit has everything you need to get our top-of-the-line double shear hi-steer set up on a Currie RockJock 60, RockJock 70, or Currie VXR 60 on a Jeep TJ, YJ or CJ.


STK-2503 - GenRight Chromoly Drag Link Correction Kit w/ Twisted Pitman Arm

STK-5750 - Chromoly Tie Rod Kit - 3/4" Bolts

STK-5755 - Hi Steer Knuckle Double Shear Kit



  • Cutting & Welding is required: This kit requires cutting the tubing to length (tailoring it to your specific vehicle) and welding the threaded inserts onto the end of the Drag Link and Tie Rod.
  • This kit also requires drilling a 3/4"diameter hole in the driverside hi-steer arm (for double shear).
  • The work should be done by a qualified person or shop (it's steering for Pete's sake).
  • This kit is not for Jeep JK/JKU use. For JK, please see Jeep JK Hi-Steer Kit for Currie RockJock/VXR Front Axle
  • To install this GenRight CrMo Hi-Steer Kit it may require drilling the taper out of the knuckle with a 3/4" diameter drill.
  • Going to Hi-steer? That requires moving the trac bar mounting location (on the axle side) to match the new higher drag link position!!!
  • Once Installed, you MUST cycle the front suspension and steering (in all possible direction combinations) to make sure the ball joints or heims DO NOT exceed their range of motion which would damage the steering components and could cause a failure resulting in a loss of steering control!

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