Universal Chromoly Tie Rod & Drag Link Kit - 5/8" Bolts

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GenRight's Chromoly Tie Rod & Drag Link Kit - 5/8" Bolts


This is the GenRight "builders" 5/8" Hi Steer (Drag Link and Tie Rod) steering kit (aka: steering flip kit).

It is a perfect compliment to the TeraFlex hi-Steer knuckle and works great with our Front 3 Link suspension kit too.

This builders kit can be cut to fit any vehicle (including a Jeep TJ, LJ, YJ, CJ or XJ) or front axle width and will require a hi-steer type knuckle on the passenger side.

This kit is made up of the best component parts you can buy for on-road OR off-road use!

This Heavy Duty kit will hold up to 37" tires and off-road / trail abuse..

Our kit includes:

  • (1) Thick wall 1-3/8" diameter x .188 wall Heat Treated CrMoly Tubing (for the tie rod).
  • (1) Thick wall 1-3/8" diameter x .188 wall DOM Tubing (for the drag link).
  • (4) Genuine FK brand Heavy Duty 3/4" CrMoly Heim rod ends with 7/8" shank.
  • (4) 7/8" Jam nuts.
  • (8) 3/4 to 5/8" spacers (aka reducers).
  • (4) Left & Right hand threaded tube inserts (for easy adjustment without un-bolting one end).
  • (8) CNC Machined stainless steel safety washers (for the top and bottom of each rod end).
  • (4) Heavy Duty 5/8" Grade 8 bolts.
  • (8) 5/8" Washers.
  • (4) 5/8" Unitorque Nuts.

Why Heim rod ends? We prefer the heims over the standard or heavy duty "tapered style" tie rod ends because, over the years we have seen the taper on the tie rod end SPLIT too many steel knuckles out on the trail! This is the exact same steering set up we have used on our GenRight trail rigs for years, and it works great!

Important NOTES:

  • Cutting & Welding is required: This kit requires cutting the tubing to the correct length (tailoring it to your specific vehicle) and welding the threaded inserts onto the end of the Drag Link and Tie Rod.
  • This kit may also require pressing out the ball joints to remove them from the stock knuckles, so you'll need a ball joint press if you are a do-it-yourselfer.
  • This kit is offered in (2) sizes the 5/8" size kit is for the Dana 30 & 44's knuckles. If necessary, please order the larger 3/4" GenRight CrMo Hi-Steer Kit (STK-8750) for the larger Dana 60 knuckles.
  • To install this GenRight CrMo Hi-Steer Kit it will require you to drill out the taper on the knuckles and ptiman arm. It is not hard and can be done with a 5/8" diameter drill or reamer. 
    Doing this allows you to flip the tie rod from the bottom of the knuckle to the top.
  • If you are "flipping" the Tie Rod, that requires moving the axle side trac bar mounting location to match the new higher drag link position!!!
  • Once Installed, YOU MUST cycle the front suspension and steering (in all possible direction combinations) to make sure the ball joints or heims DO NOT exceed their range of motion which would damage the steering components and could cause a failure resulting in a loss of steering control!

More questions? Call in to speak with one of our Jeep experts! 805-584-8635.

2 Reviews

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    Chromoly drag link & tie rod kit

    Posted by Keith Johnson on Nov 11th 2022

    I installed this awesome kit on my 95’ YJ with soa lift and it is beefy and strong and high quality. Easy to install only need a metal cutting saw and a welder.

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    Great solution

    Posted by Daniel H. on Oct 1st 2020

    I installed this as part of converting my Jeep to high steering. I got the teraflex knuckle and drilled my other stock knuckle out to fit the 5/8" bolt. Works great now that the steering is 3" higher than stock.