Jeep YJ Crawler™ EXT Gas Tank & Skid Plate (17 Gal)

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GST-4002 GenRight Jeep YJ gas tank, EXT

Jeep YJ

This is the GenRight Crawler™ EXT (Extreme) Gas Tank to fit a Jeep YJ (1987-1995). It is specifically designed to allow for more clearance between the rear axle and the gas tank so you can lengthen your Jeeps wheelbase AND keep nearly the same capacity as stock!

Wanna go to 40's? You are going to need bigger axles. This heavy duty tank is trail proven and made to accommodate such upgrades. Besides this production built gas tank is re-shaped to make more room under the Jeep for a stretch AND bigger axles! That way you can keep your back seat to bring the family on your 4 wheeling adventures. The assembly mounts in the factory location and is it designed to work with all your factory emissions equipment so you won't get and check engine lights or have computer issues.


  • 1" more ground clearance than stock.
  • Improved departure angle.
  • 17 gallon fuel capacity.
  • Still works with leaf springs.
  • Creates more room for BIG aftermarket axles.
  • Shape allows for 5" of rear wheelbase stretch (with Dana 44)
  • Mounts in stock tank location, with 7 factory bolts.
  • Stock mounting location keeps center of gravity low.
  • Accepts the stock Jeep fuel pump/sensor.
  • Unique sump to trap gas at the fuel pick up.
  • 1/8" thick Aluminum alloy tank is TIG welded.
  • Foam liner between tank & skid plate.
  • Includes a 3/16" thick heavy duty steel skid plate.
  • Assembled with stainless steel straps.
  • CNC machined aluminum alloy fittings are TIG welded.
  • Includes factory Mopar roll over / vent valves.
  • Internal baffles reduce fuel movement and keep fuel near the pick up.
  • All tanks are 100% pressure tested.
  • Patent Pending. 

Additional NOTES:

  • This tank is designed to accept the factory fuel pump or sender module from a '87-'95 Jeep Wrangler YJ equipped from the factory with a 20 gallon Plastic Tank (NOT the 15 metal tank found in a few model years).
  • Because of shape and location changes, installation of this product MAY require changes to the last 14" of the exhaust tail pipe.
  • This tank does NOT require a body lift.
  • Factory YJ fuel module gasket sold separately.
  • Compatible with GenRight's Rear Sway bar Kit
  • Due to the fact that this tank is pushed back 5", the installer will need to carefully pull the fuel line and electrical a little rearward to reconnect them to the fuel pump (not a problem there is plenty of length in the line to reach).
  • We offer another other model with more stretch; the COMP model (GST-4053) for up to 7" of stretch.
  • We also offer another model with more capacity and Extended Range, 20 gallons (GST-4003)

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3 Reviews

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    Better than I expected!

    Posted by Paul V. on Oct 21st 2020

    I finally got around to installing it. I guess I read something that made me think I wasn't gonna get enough stretch? I was able to get 4 or 5", it came out great man! Easy install, Thanks for your help.

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    Crawler EXT, YJ

    Posted by Bill M in Reno on Feb 4th 2019

    The tank is beautiful. The tig welds are awesome. It's a shame to hide it all up under the jeep. The YJ pump/sender assembly matched right up. I didn't even need to adjust mine for length. The rollover valves come pre-installed, along with the vent tube and a 't' that the factory vent line plugs into. The tank arrived already mounted and strapped to the skid plate. This thing is *heavy*. Good thing is was packed well because the box was hammered by the time FedEx got done with it. The tank was all good though. Wrestling it in by myself was a chore but doable for one person with a floor jack and patience. The install was not completely without issue. I had to clearance both body mounts to allow the front mounting ears to come up high enough to level the top of the tank and allow the rear mounting tabs to sit flat on the frame. It only took a half-inch or so but it wasn't mentioned in the instructs. That meant having to get the tank in position twice before the final install. Once to mark the body mounts for clearance and a second time to mark the front mounting holes. If you're working alone, be very careful going up and down with the jack. It's a very precarious balancing act. Speaking of the instructs, they have you drilling the inside hole for the frame anti-crush sleeves to 5/8" but the provided sleeves are 3/4". While that was disappointing, it would have been *very* frustrating had I not had a 3/4" drill and needed to find one on a Sunday. All four provided hose clamps for the filler neck were the same size. Two of them were just barely big enough for the smaller vent line. The other two were never going to fit the filler hose. Luckily I had a couple clamps in my stash. Getting the filler neck tubes installed and lined up with the body was a test of my patience. I am certain there is a better method than the one I chose. All-in-all the product is a solid design and very high quality. The instructions could just use a little tweak. There is now gobs of room behind the diff - Mission accomplished! Thanks GenRight

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    Crawler tank

    Posted by Gary S on May 18th 2016

    I am now adding this to my LJ PERFECT fit and allowed the stretch and room to rout the exhaust out the back. I have the same tank in my TJ. LOVE EM BOTH.