JK (4 Door) Full Roll Cage Kit

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    This all new Laser cut and Puzzled Roll Cage Kit (un-welded) from GenRight Off Road.

    We use the latest Laser Cutting and CNC Tube Bending technology to build this cage from heavy duty 2" diameter DOM tubing and features solid 8-point mounting for maximum protection (unlike other cages on the market)

    This is the best most protective, complete replacement, weld-in (not bolt in) cage available making it the safest cage on the market for a Jeep Wrangler JK.

    All the tubes are cut to length and notched to fit together like a "puzzle." You just need a welder to put it all together.


    • Made from 2" diameter heavy duty x .120" wall D.O.M. (Drawn Over Mandrel) seamless tubing.
    • Laser Cut and notched CNC bent tubes, with additional Keying for fool-proof assembly and a precision fit
    • Solid 8-point mounting for maximum safety by adding an additional pillar behind rear seats to protect passengers
    • Designed for maximum visibility with an ultra low profile dash bar
    • Only minor trimming of plastic dash end caps is needed and is not visible when cage is installed
    • Fits under factory hard or soft tops, soft top adapter kit is optional.
    • Can be used with hard (full or half) doors or soft doors.
    • Heavy duty cage to tub mounting brackets are laser cut and formed.
    • Includes bracket mounting kit to accept all the factory seat belts.
    • Includes all necessary mounting hardware (Grade 8)
    • Includes very detailed step by step installation instructions.

    Optional Accessories:


    • This kit was designed to be used with all the options (X-bar and V-bar). We strongly urge you to install these bars for the cage to provide it's best protection.
    • This kit is sold un-welded, requiring welding by the end user in the vehicle.
    • This kit requires complete removal of the stock roll bar (and most of the interior for install).
    • After welding the cage, the cage can be removed for powder coating.
    • It is possible to re-fit most of the stock interior plastic (including the sound bar), but it will take some work to trim the plastic nicely.
    • Some trimming of the rear door panel (on factory hard doors) will be necessary to clear B-pillar tubes.
    • Adding a roll cage to a Jeep is not a guarantee of safety. However, this is a substantial upgrade from the factory cage.
    • We also offer a A-pillar upgrade (GRC-8005) to be used with our aluminum Dash upgrade (DSH-8030)

    Please note - If this cage is shipping to a residential address, you will be charged an additional shipping fee of up to $100 for proper delivery.

    Interested in buying a FULLY WELDED Roll Cage from GenRight? Call us at 805-584-8635 for a price!

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    1. Best Cage on the Market

      I have installed many different cages into various jeeps and was amazed at every step of the process when building this cage. The pieces were made so well that when I was fitting into the Jeep I didn't even need to hold the parts together. The instructions made this very easy and when it was all finished it was very clean and so much stronger than any of the other cages I have built. I highly recommend this cage for anyone considering a cage for their Jeep. You will not be disappointed. on Nov 16th 2017


      By all means, this is not a "Sport Cage" for the JK. This is a great option as a full replacement cage, giving you quite a few options for the design as you put things together, which allows you to really make it your own.

      With no true A-pillar or B-pillar in the stock JKU, if you are interested in wheeling with the family, for me, it is a must to provide the very best protection available for my family and passengers.

      I give the GenRight cage my highest recommendation.
      on May 16th 2016

    3. You definitely get what you pay for...and MORE!!

      While there are several "bolt-in" systems out there, absolutely nothing compares to GenRight's cage system. The others are generally labeled "Sport Cage" for a reason, while they may add an added margin of protection over stock, they aren't something you'd feel very safe in during an actual rollover. I've driven down a washboard road with the doors off and watched one of the "sport cages" shake and shudder, which I found to be very disturbing.

      GenRight's cage is fully welded 2" tubing with a total of 8 mounting points (all @ recognized strength points on the JK). This cage is built to take it. The parts fit seamlessly and once completed, the cage can be removed for painting/powder coated, which is a plus. With a little finesse and trimming, the factory plastic adds a finished look.

      While you could save several hundred dollars with one of the other kits, when the safety of you and/or your family is involved, why would you? GenRight has hit another home run!

      on May 16th 2016

    4. Real JK Cage!

      I wanted a real roll cage, that was welded in... As soon as I opened the box and saw how the laser cut pieces fit together I was super impressed. Each tube has the part number laser marked on it too so you can't mess it up. Very detailed instructions with pictures are helpful. I had the old cage out and new one installed in 2 days. on May 15th 2016

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    • Timelapse - Jeep JK Cage Kit Assembly | GenRight Off Road
      How easy is it to assemble our all new Laser Notched, CNC Bent...

    Timelapse - Jeep JK Cage Kit Assembly | GenRight Off Road

    How easy is it to assemble our all new Laser Notched, CNC Bent and Keyed Roll Cage? Take a look! Our cage is keyed, so that it literally assembles like a puzzle, with a precision fit and flawless accuracy. See more at: https://genright.com/products-body-armor/roll-cages/jeep-jk/
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