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King Shocks Nitrogen Gauge

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Now you can accurately adjust the nitrogen in your shocks like a pro!

The trick is that there is so little "air" volume in a shock that it requires a special tool like this to do it and maintain the pressure you "think" you put in!

This easy to use manifold is used by racers and King shock tech's all over the world for precise shock charging.


  • Made by King Shocks
  • 0-400 PSI range pressure gauge
  • For use with any Nitrogen (N2) Charged Shocks or Air Shocks
  • Includes Fill Adapter and is accurate to 1 PSI
  • Allows for Shock Tuning while on the trail or at home


  • Shocks must be fully extended to charge properly!
  • Compressed air can not be used, since it holds moisture.

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