Tracer Stretched LJ Mini Boat Side Rocker Guards w/Bars

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    These are the TRACER Stretched Jeep LJ Mini Boat Side Rocker Guards from GenRight Off Road.

    They offer more ground clearance than a conventional rocker guard (rock slider) at the outside corner of the rocker guard.

    These match our Tracer stretch corner guards (without cutting).

    This Heavy Duty set of Rocker Guards (also known as rock sliders) does not require cutting of the tub! Just bend under a pinch seam.

    Protect the sides of your Jeep's tub with a set of the exact same rockers we have been using on our GenRight Jeeps for years. This model of Heavy Duty GenRight Rocker Guards also includes a side bar (step).

    Our design is 6" TALL and fits tight to the body for maximum protection. This model features our super grip step with cool & functional "dimple die'd" holes for traction when entering or exiting the vehicle. This step is welded on and integrated in as part of the 1-3/4" diameter x .120" thick DOM steel tube as a side bar which sticks out 4-1/2". The tube is angled up at 15 degrees and sticks out the same distance as your flares, which is also perfect for use as a step.


    • This model is longer to match the GenRight Tracer suspension kit.
    • Mini Boat Side design provides 1.25" more ground clearance and will not get hung up on trail obstacles!
    • Laser cut and CNC Formed from tough 3/16" thick cold rolled steel.
    • Side bar is to a huge 1-3/4" x .120" thick wall DOM tube.
    • New longer dimple die step plate is welded into place and provides more reinforcement of the side bar.
    • FULL protection from wheel well to wheel well.
    • Includes all flush mount Stainless Steel mounting hardware.
    • Sold as bare metal finish (no paint).
    • Sold in Pairs.
    • Length can be trimmed to fit bigger tires.


    • Installation requires bending back the pinch seam at the bottom of the tub.
    • If you plan to run Tube Front Fenders, you will need to trim (shorten by about 2") one end of this rocker guard to clear the tube flare.
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    1. I Finally Stepped Up

      I was running the standard rockers with bars for 4 years, I was just too nervous to roll the pinch seam under at the time. Well, since I stretched my LJ I knew I was going to demand more out of my armor and I finally sucked it up and went mini boat side. I should have done it years ago. That extra 1" of clearance makes a huge difference. That beefier tube is awesome. Not to mention they just look super good. on Jan 6th 2021

    2. Made to take a beating!

      These rockers are straight up beefy! I really like the extended tube and length of these one. They worked great for my stretch. I had to trim the front and rear as I am not the same wheelbase as the tracer builds, but there is plenty of material to do this. It's a little scary to have to bend in the pinch seem, but after the first two hits, but you will get over it.

      One thing to note... if you have front fender flares, you will have to notch the front of the slider to fit around the flares. Easily done with a hole saw to match the shape of the tube, and then a cut off wheel.
      on Mar 5th 2020

    3. Solid protection

      I have had them for a while now and use them for what they are made for. They are a very important part of my Jeep when wheeling and not just for protection but also picking lines. I know they won't fail and i can lean on them if needed! Kick ass product! on Jun 28th 2019

    4. Great looks and protection

      We have these on our LJ. Not only do they look and fit great but they will also take the abuse we throw at it. on May 16th 2016

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