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Roll Cages

GenRight Off Road's Roll Cages are designed entirely in SolidWorks with one goal: To provide maximum protection and functionality. Made in the USA, our Cages are CNC bent, Laser Cut and Notched from 2" .120" wall DOM tubing. All Cages require welding.

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  • Bestop Trektop Adapter kit for the GenRight JKU Cages Here is how this adapter bracket is installed on GenRight JKU Cage Lets you run your Trektop with a GenRight Roll Cage GenRight built JK with GenRight cage and Trektop GenRight built JK with GenRight cage and Bestop Trektop


    Bestop Trektop Adapter for GenRight Cages

    This kit allows you to run your Bestop Trektop on your 4 door Jeep Wrangler JK with a GenRight Roll Cage. It is simple to install, the adapter brackets simply clamp on and position the rear section of the cage in the proper location to bring tension to...

  • 2 pc Filler Plate for GenRight aluminum JK roof There is a gap between the cage and windshield These plates, attach to the cage side and press down on the rubber seal on top of the windshield Here you can see how the filler piece presses down on the top of the windshield Mounting hardware is supplied with 2 piece Filler plates.


    Filler Piece for JK Aluminum Roof

    This is the "filler" piece that fits between the windshield and the GenRight aluminum roof for the GenRight JK or JKU Roll Cage. It is constructed from 6061-T6 Aluminum, it attaches with the same 4 bolts that hold down the front of the roof to the cage...

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    JK (4 Door) Full Laser Cut & Puzzled Roll Cage Kit - As Sold JK (4 Door) Full Roll Cage Kit Installed with factory sound bar re-installed JK (4 Door) Full Roll Cage Kit overhead view JK (4 Door) Full Roll Cage Kit Assembled (No options shown) JK (4 Door) Full Roll Cage Kit Installed with B-pillar on tub removed


    Jeep JK (4 Door) Full Roll Cage Kit

    This laser cut and puzzled Roll Cage Kit (un-welded) from GenRight Off Road for the Jeep Wrangler JKU (2007-2018). We use the latest Laser Cutting and CNC Tube Bending technology to build this cage from heavy duty 2" diameter DOM tubing and features...

    Was: $2,999.99
    Now: $2,699.99
  • Genright's B-Pillar Removal Kit for Jeep JK Shown here with Upper B Pillar removed, gives it that clean Jeep look! B Pillar Kit Installed Rubber lined B Pillar to prevent chaffing Indexed hole for proper alignment


    Jeep JK Detachable B-Pillar Kit

    Do you want to make your Jeep look cool like the GenRight Terremoto JK? This kit of laser cut and formed parts allows you to cut off your B Pillar even with the top of your half doors for a smooth, sleek look! Yet still allow you to use of the upper...

  • 4 Door JK Aluminum Roof for GenRight Roll Cages Rear view of the GenRight 4 Door JK Aluminum Roof w/aftermarket graphic Underside of the aluminum roof on the GenRight cage.


    JK (4 Door) Aluminum Roof for GenRight Roll Cage

    This is the new aluminum roof for the GenRight 4 door JKU Roll Cage (GRC-8001)! It is constructed from 1/8" thick 6061-T6 Aluminum (same thing we use on our Ultra4 car). It fits tight to the top of the cage and provides additional protection in the...

  • How it looks AFTER the door bar tubes are installed How it looks BEFORE the door bars are installed. Welding in the tubes to be race legal.


    JK Door Bar Tube Set for GenRight Cage

    This is the door bar set required to make the GenRight Jeep Wrangler JK roll cage race legal (pictured in green). This is a weld in kit. All the tubes are CAD designed for maximum passenger room in the interior. Each tube is mandrel bent and laser...

  • A-pillar Optional Tube kit for the GenRight JK Roll Cage Shown here with the entire GenRight JK cage The original design as it was being put into the GenRight Terremoto JKU This is how cleanly the tubes run through the dash Once the kit is installed is will look like this.


    JK A-Pillar Option for GenRight Alum Dash

    This is the A-pillar upgrade for the GenRight JK roll cage (GRC-8001) to allow the cage to work with GenRight's aluminum JK Dash (DSH-8030). This is for the guy who is willing to gut all the factory Jeep JK wiring and dash components. This is the same...

  • GenRight dash V-bar for the Jeep JK & JKU roll cages How the dash v bar looks after being installed. V-bar lines up with overhead tubes Front view shows how the dash V-bar ties into the upper tube Here you can see how all the cage "nodes" tie together for optimal strength


    Jeep JK Dash V-Bar Add on for GenRight Cages

    This Jeep JK Dash V-Bar Add on is meant for use with the GenRight Roll Cage for 2 and 4 Door Jeep JK's. The V-Bar is an important connection between the dash cross bar and the upper cage cross bar, to add additional strength and rigidity. Used in every...

  • X-bar tube kit for the GenRight Jeep JKU roll cages. The factory seats fit into the X-bar shape perfectly Rear leg room is only decreased by the diameter of the tubes The JKU cage with X-bar option looks awesome when painted to match! Rear seats still fold down


    Jeep JKU Behind the Seat X-Bar for GenRight Cages

    This is the GenRight Behind the Seat X-Bar for our 4 door GenRight Jeep JKU Cage (GRC-8001). The X-Bar kit is a highly recommended addition to all our Jeep roll cages, as it adds lateral strength to the cage in the event of a roll over. Therefore,...

  • Jeep JK Soft Top Adapter for GenRight Roll Cage Front mounting point for factory JK door surround Mid mounting point for factory JK door surround Rear mounting point for factory JK soft top hinge


    Jeep JK Soft Top Adapter for GenRight Roll Cage (4 Dr.)

    This Jeep JKU Soft Top Adapter for GenRight Roll Cages will work with our 4-door Jeep JK Roll Cage. The kit mounts the factory door surrounds to the GenRight JKU Cage (GRC-8001) in the original location, for flawless compatibility with your factory soft...

  • Weld In Grab Handles for GenRight Jeep Roll Cages (Pair) These handles are perfect size for getting in your Jeep. Small handles pictured here on a GenRight cage in a JK Small handles work great front or rear! Small handles allow for maximum entry room into the Jeep


    Weld In Grab Handles for GenRight Roll Cages (Pair)

    This is a pair of "small" cage grab handles from GenRight Off Road. This is the same handle we weld into every GenRight roll cage. Universal design, is made from 7/8" diameter tubing. These handles can be welded to any cage on any model Jeep JK, TJ,...

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