Hi-Steer Arm for Currie RockJock Knuckle

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GenRight's Hi-Steer Arm for the Elite Suspension


This is the GenRight modified Currie Hi-Steer arm.

It has been modified to have the correct geometry to work with the GenRight JK Elite Suspension System.

It positions the drag link in the proper location to match the pitman arm length so you can achieve the full range of steering on your new rock Jock axle.

Includes a new 3/4-16 Grade 8 bolt, washers and special unitorque nut (including a "safety washer" for the heim).

It only works with Dana 60 knuckles that have been machined (Currie) flat and drilled for mounting (as shown in the pictures).

To will work on any Currie Rock Jock 60 or 70 front axle purchased from GenRight (as this is the only way we buy them!).


For use with a 7/8" Heim with built in high misalignment only.

We also offer a complete CrMo steering builders kit with everything you need.

When building your vehicle, it is important to cycle the steering and suspension to make sure there is no binding through the entire range of motion that would cause damage or failure. If you are not 100% sure, please see one of our qualified Dealers to install this product for you.

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