Universal Outboard Rear Shock Tower Kit, Short

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GenRight's Short Rear Shock Towers, RSM-1000


This is a SHORTER and thinner version of our RSM-1001 outboard rear shock towers for the Jeep Wrangler TJ, Jeep LJ, Jeep YJ or CJ-7.

It is designed to accept 2.0" shocks.

It is a perfect way to convert your rig to outboard mounted shocks.

The clean and simple design which "frenches" (recesses) into the side of your Jeep's frame and maximizes your dampening control at the wheel.

The tower is designed to allow you to position the shock in the optimal position for your wheelbase.


  • Laser cut from 3/16" thick steel and CNC formed.
  • Optimal shock position for maximum dampening control.
  • Allows you to run outboard  mounted shocks without cutting through the rear inner fender well.
  • MIG welded by GenRight artists.
  • Super wide shock mount opening (1-3/4" wide) will not bind on the shocks eye.
  • By relocating the shocks outboard, it allows for more exhaust routing options.
  • Can be used with 2" diameter coil over or regular type shocks (that use a 1/2" bolts).
  • Can be used on standard coil spring or leaf spring type vehicles too!
  • Made in USA.


  • (2) Upper Shock Towers (Frame Side).
  • Includes Grade 8 1/2-20 shock mounting hardware and correct width spacers.

These mounts are universal and can be cut or trimmed to be mounted in any position.

The towers can be trimmed to fit from 8" to 12" travel shocks and is perfect for most vehicles.

We recommend and sell the KING 2.0" or FOX emulsion type shocks (in coil over or non-coil type).

Can be used with stock or after market bump stops. Compatible with most body lifts 2" or less.


  • Must be used in conjunction with a separate bump stop (do not use the rubber bumper on the shock as a bump stop) These can be purchased at GenRight SUP1002 and SUP1020.
  • We offer several different Lower Shock Mounts (the Axle Side).
  • Lower mounts are welded onto the rear axle housing, near the brake caliper and do not hang down.
  • Depending on the width of your rear axle, the rear caliper may need to be flipped from the rear of the axle to the front to allow the lower mount to be moved out further.
  • We offer bigger, longer rear shock towers. Please see the RSM-1001 or RSM-1021 or the RSM-1031 or the RSM-1041 for running up to a 3" diameter coil over shock!

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