GenRight Off Road offers a variety of parts and accessories for your Jeep JK. All GenRight product is Made in the USA with unrivaled standards when it comes to quality. Designed and developed to provide maximum functionality and protection for your Jeep.

  • King Air Bump for the Jeep JK, Front It replaces the factory bump stop and slides into place.

    King Shocks

    KING Bump Stop, JK Front PAIR

      This is King Shocks hydraulic bump stop upgrade kit for the front of your Jeep Wrangler JK (2007 – 2018). It is a replacement bump stop that increases your Jeep’s performance by adding additional dampening control on big impacts...

  • Red Rock Tools Trail Ready JK Jeep Tool Kit

    Red Rock Tools

    Red Rock Tools Trail Ready JK/JKU Jeep Tool Kit

    The JK Tool Kit Includes the following: 21mm 3/8 drive Socket 15mm wrench 15mm 3/8 drive socket 19mm 3/8 drive socket 36mm 1/2 drive socket 13mm 12 point 3/8 drive socket 8mm wrench 3/8 drive ratchet 3/8 drive 3" extension 3/8 drive 6"...

  • Small Cargo Tray Mounting kit, includes hardware. Tube clamps mount here. Formed Clamps mount here. ACC-1200 was CAD Designed for exact fitment into GR Tire Carrier. Another view of how the clamps work on the GR tire carrier.


    Small Cargo Tray Tire Carrier Mounts

    These mounts allow you to mount our small cargo carrier inside your GenRight Swing Out Rear Tire Carrier A very convenient solution to store gas cans, firewood, and other camping essentials. All mounting hardware is included.  

  • Currie Extreme Duty CrMo steering for the Jeep JK, 9703 Close up of the H.D. forged end used on this system Mounting bracket for the steering dampener Exploded view of the Currie rebuildable Tie Rod End. CE-9703 Currie Extreme Duty Steering Kit


    Jeep JK Extreme Duty CrMo Steering, Rock Jock

    This is the Currie Rock Jock Currectly nc® Extreme Duty modular tie rod and drag link steering system for all models of Jeep JK Wrangler vehicles. This CE-9703 steering kit features: 1-5/8" diameter 4130 CrMo heat treated tubing for both the tie...

  • GenRight's mounting kit for the custom Griffin Radiator JK V8 radiator Shown here mounted in the GenRight Terremoto Jeep JK Shown here mounted in the GenRight Terremoto Jeep JK with LS Shown here stuffed into the factory core support (must be modified)


    JK Elite Aluminum Radiator Mounts for LS Engine

    This is a custom designed mount (like the one we are running in the Terremoto Jeep JK) to hold the GenRight spec Griffin Aluminum radiator. We take out all the guess work and provide you everything you need to swap over to a super efficient aluminum...

  • GenRight's Tire Strap Tabs for the Jeep JK or JL Here you can see how they slip over the existing tow point Shown here on the GenRight Terremoto at KOH 2020


    JK Tow Point Tie Down Points

    These plates give you a cool way to hold down a spare tire in the back of a Jeep JK or JL.   The laser cut plates lock down over the rear tow points and allow the hooks of a tire strap to lock into it.   The front edge can be tied down...

  • New for 2022 Legend MTZ Mickey Thompson Tire

    Mickey Thompson

    Mickey Thompson Legend MTZ Off-Road Tire (Choose Size)

    New for 2022 the Mickey Thompson Legend MTZ tire is built on the legacy of a legendary and proven construction design. The Mickey Thompson proprietary compound and innovative design delivers versatile mud terrain performance that provides excellent...

    $302.09 - $535.99
  • Torco SR-1r 5W-30 Synthetic Engine Oil


    Torco SR-1r 5W-30 Synthetic Engine Oil

    Torco SR-1 Super Street 5W-30 motor oil is a selective cross blend of highly advanced 100% synthetic base oils and proprietary additive systems aimed at increasing power, efficiency and engine protection. Great for the Jeep Turbo JL engines...

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    Vision CG2 light Cannon Back side is finned to sink off the heat Dual bolt side mount for easy adjustment. VisionX Light Output Chart Same lights we use on the GenRight Terremoto JK

    Vision X

    Vision X 4.7" CG2 Multi-LED Light Cannon Kit (Pair)

    This is a pair of the the VisionX CG2 LED 4.7″ Light Cannons. Multi-LED CG2 LED Light Cannons are the ultimate light for blasting through the night with a powerful broad driving beam pattern and outstanding medium distance lighting coverage...

    Was: $549.99
    Now: $499.99
  • 16307 Fuel Pump Wire Harness, heavy duty, Aeromotive


    Aeromotive Wire Harness to run Fuel Pump

      This is the heavy duty Aeromotive wire harness to run an aftermarket (high volume & high pressure) fuel pump. Are you considering to switch to EFI or swapping in that late model motor? What has recently become the hottest trend in hot...

  • 4 Door JK Aluminum Roof for GenRight Roll Cages Rear view of the GenRight 4 Door JK Aluminum Roof w/aftermarket graphic Underside of the aluminum roof on the GenRight cage.


    JK (4 Door) Aluminum Roof for GenRight Roll Cage

    This is the new aluminum roof for the GenRight 4 door JKU Roll Cage (GRC-8001)! It is constructed from 1/8" thick 6061-T6 Aluminum (same thing we use on our Ultra4 car). It fits tight to the top of the cage and provides additional protection in the...

  • Rash Guards for the GenRight 2 door Aluminum Rocker Guards Here is how the Rash Guards caps the aluminum rocker like a glove! Fits right on the high exposure area of the rocker guard


    JK 2 Door "Rash Guards" for GR Rocker Guards

      This is the "Rash Guard" for the GenRight 2 door Aluminum Rocker Guards. It is the answer for the weight conscious Jeep owner who wants lightweight but off-road capability!It is a formed steel "cap" to protect the...

  • KING 2.5" Shocks, w/Clicker RES, JK Front 6"+ Lift

    King Shocks

    KING 2.5" Shocks, w/Clicker RES, JK Front 6"+ Lift

      This is the 2.5" King Shock with remote reservoir and compression adjusting knob for the Jeep Wrangler JK FRONT with a 6"+ lift.   King’s new line of Original equipment manufacturer, (OEM), shock upgrade kits provide a bolt on...

  • Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T Tire, available in multiple sizes Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T Tire, available in multiple sizes

    Mickey Thompson

    Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T Tire (Choose Size)

    The new Baja Boss A/T delivers undisputed on-road handling, performance, and tread life while also dominating in the mud, thanks to its asymmetric tread design. It's Mickey Thompson's best A/T to date - aggressive looks, low noise, long-lasting tread,...

    $364.09 - $456.49
  • GenRight Ram Mounting Tabs for Currie Axle and Hi-Steering Shaped to fit the Currie fabricated diff cover Perfect fit and location to our 1-3/8" diameter CrMo tie rod. Perfect fit and location on the Currie diff cover Here you can see how both hold the ram in the perfect location.


    Ram Mounting Tabs for Currie Axle

    This is a set of Ram Mounting tabs developed & made by GenRight Off Road. These are the same tabs we have used on all our builds like our Terremoto and the Growler Jeep Wranglers. One pair of tabs is made to fit the front diff cover of a Currie...

  • Torco Synthetic 85W-140 gear lube


    Torco RGO 85W-140 Synthetic Gear Oil

    We run Torco Synthetics because they are the best! RGO is designed to maximize power efficiency and provide the highest level of gear protection under the most severe speed and load conditions. It is formulated using a combination of Group IV/V...

  • Universal Bolt in Spare Tire & Wheel Mount Universal Spare Tire & Wheel Mount Installed in the back of a UTV.


    Universal Bolt in Spare Tire & Wheel Mount

    This is a heavy duty Universal Bolt on Spare Tire & Wheel Mount from GenRight Off Road. Build from 3/16" cold rolled steel plate it is strong. It has a T-handle on a large acme thread that allows you to quickly load and unload a spare tire/wheel...

  • JK 2D Antirock® Rear Sway Bar Kit (Aluminum Arms)


    JK 2D Antirock® Rear Sway Bar Kit (Aluminum Arms)

    For all 2 door models of the '07 and up Jeep JK Wranglers. The RockJock Antirock® rear sway bar kit, when used in conjunction with a front Antirock® sway bar kit, provides balanced performance of front and rear suspension for rugged off-road...

  • JK Transfer Case Skid 1/4" Aluminum JK Transfer Case Skid 1/4" Aluminum


    JK Transfer Case Skid 1/4" Aluminum

    This is the New hi-clearance GenRight Aluminum Transfer Case (or "Belly") skid plate for a Jeep Wrangler JK with a conventional aftermarket (Not GenRight) suspension (or lift kit) on it. NOTE: It can not be used with the stock gas...

  • King Shocks 2.0" Air Bump (Qty of 4) - JK Elite

    King Shocks

    King Shocks 2.0" Air Bump (Qty of 4) - JK Elite

      Pair of (4) 2" King Shocks Air Bump Stops for Jeep JK Elite SuspensionFeatures: Precision ground Hard Chrome shafts. Each bump has a precision honed body. Durable Teflon bump on the end. Includes King Shock trademark, Blue...

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    1-3/4" Daystar puck lift Shown here with 35" tires (using only the 1-3/4" puck lift and GenRight tube fenders)


    Daystar 1-3/4" Lift Kit for the Jeep Wrangler JK

    This is the Comfort Ride system from Daystar. It will raise the front & rear the JK Wrangler 1¾" for a level vehicle stance. It installs easily with no welding or drilling. It will maintain factory ride quality. The kit comes complete...