Rockers are an essential for the off-road enthusiast and Jeeper. While your fenders, bumpers, gas tank, and skid plate all take hits while off-roading, it is the sides of your Jeep that are in the most danger. On light trails, dips, pot holes and sudden changes in elevation can max out the clearance on your Jeep. When you have one wheel going into or coming out of a particularly deep hole, your rockers will take the first hit.

On moderate and tougher trials where larger tires are a must, and you find yourself transitioning over objects, the rockers and skid plate are going to get hit. All of the areas where you can really show off the great flex on your Jeep will put the sides of your tub in danger of getting bent, scraped, and caught on the obstacle.

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  • Rocker Guard (rock slider) Backing Plates RCG5500 This is how they look after being installed and rhino lined. Here you can see how they are drilled and formed.


    TJ/YJ/CJ/LJ Rocker Guard Backing Plates

    This is a great upgrade for any of the GenRight rocker guards (aka: rock sliders). These backing plates are laser cut and formed from 3/16" thick steel for strength. It is similar to adding a big fender washer, but larger and stronger to pull more of...

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    GenRight's Standard Wheelbase Rocker Guards for the Jeep TJ, YJ, & CJ-7 Dimple Die step provides dependable traction Here you can see how cleanly they mount on the Jeep Slider bar is angled to increase clearance. This is a close up of the entry step (with dimple die grippers) on the GenRight rockers


    TJ/YJ/CJ Rocker Guards w/Bars (Standard Wheelbase)

      This is the GenRight rocker protection for the Jeep Wrangler TJ (1997 - 2006). Designed for the TJ, but can be trimmed to fit the Jeep wrangler YJ & CJ-7. These are the same 3/16" thick rocker guards we have used on all our GenRight Jeeps...

    Was: $800.00
    Now: $699.99
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    GenRight Mini Boat Side Rockers with side bar (steps). The Mini Boat Side Rockers is what Tony ran on the Growler GR Mini Boat Side Rockers are shown here installed. Mini Boat Side Rockers allow for 1.5" more ground clearance The same Rockers Jordan used on his 4500 class car


    Mini Boat Side Rocker Guards w/Bars, TJ/YJ/CJ

      These are the newest rockers available from GR for Jeeps! GenRight Off Road has designed a "Mini Boat Side" Rocker Guards offer over 1" more ground clearance than a conventional rocker guard (rock slider) right at the outside corner where...

    Was: $900.00
    Now: $799.99
  • BMT-4001 GenRight's Hi-Clearance Body Mount Kit for the Jeep YJ Here you can see the difference between stock and GenRight's The same body mounts Tony had on his Growler YJ


    Body Mount LIFT Kit, YJ

    This is another innovative and long over due product from GenRight Off Road. It is a new set of hi-clearance body mounts to raise up the 3 mounts on either side (under the rocker guard) that always get hit on trail obstacles! Yes, we designed...

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