Universal Front Coilover Shock Mount Kit w/ Removable Center Support

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Universal Front Coilover Shock Mount Kit w/ Removable Center Support

The GenRight coil over shock mount kit for the Front or Rear of a Jeep TJ, LJ, YJ or CJ (Toyota, Suzuki, etc.) that is made in the popular "hoop" style which pushes the upper shock mount all the way up just under the hood. This will also allow you to run super long travel shocks and maintain a reasonable ride height and proper shock mounting for the best possible performance.

Our kit is designed to work with 2" or 2.5" diameter coil overs (of any brand) but also works with 2.5" coil over shocks in 12", 14" or 16" travel. This builders kit is the most universal on the market and can be cut and mounted in any position to best work with your particular Jeep's Engine & Suspension combination.

Additionally, the compact hoop size is ideal for fitting inside the inner fender well, inside the engine compartment with just a small hole up through the top of the fender well for the shock to poke up through to the upper mount.

This is a great option when pushing your front axle forward (about 2+") to get to the Magic 100" wheelbase!

For the TJ or LJ guys, this kit allows you to cut off and remove all the factory upper spring mount/bump stop bucket from the frame. This is perfect for placing the shock in virtually the optimal position for dampening performance and articulation.

For you CJ or YJ guys who are not ready to convert the entire front end over to coil overs, this can also be a great way to upgrade just the upper shock mount and convert over to shock "hoops" from the ugly stock mounts and install longer travel shocks and still keep the leaf springs.

This kit is made from heavy duty 1-1/2" diameter x .120" thick wall steel tubing and includes a removable crossbar to connect the two shock towers (over the engine) for maximum strength. This kit or the parts from this kit can also be modified and used on the rear for those guys looking to put coil overs on the rear.


  • (2) Shock Hoops
  • (4) Shock Hoop Frame Gussets
  • (4) Shock Hoop Attachment Gussets
  • (2) Upper Shock Mounts
  • (2) Lower Shock Mounts
  • (2) Tube Couplers
  • (1) Shock Hoop Center Support
  • (2) Laser Notched Shock Hoop Center Support Outer Tubes
  • (2) PRP Limit Straps
  • (4) Limit Strap Tabs
  • (8) Shock Spacers
  • All necessary Grade 8 hardware is also included


  • This kit requires cutting & welding.
  • The kit also will require some minor cutting of the inner fender well to accommodate your shock and location choice.
  • Compatible with most small body lifts.
  • REQUIRES the use of external bump stops; front: SUP-1001, rear: SUP-1002, urethane bumps: SUP-1020. air bumps: KAB-2002
  • The coil over shocks cannot be used as the bump stop!
  • Yes, this kit will also work on TJ, LJ, YJ, CJ, Toyotas, Suzukis or similar size vehicles (not JK's).
  • We recommend and sell the KING 2" or 2.5" diameter coil over type shocks (with or without a remote reservoir) with a dual rate spring set that are valved for a Jeep TJ, LJ, YJ or CJ-7. These shocks are also fine tuneable by you, simply by changing the oil level, oil weight, springs, spring pre-load and/or nitrogen pressure level.


*We also offer a version of this kit that comes without the tube couplers, making the center support non-removable (FSM-2004)


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    Perfect for my application

    Posted by Kasey Mills on Oct 3rd 2018

    I run these on the front of my TJ and they worked out perfectly. Can easily be modified to fit the majority of applications. I run these with my 16" ORI's and the ability to adjust the height of the hoops made it extremely easy to keep my Jeep low.