Anvil Rubicon JKU

This is the perfect daily driver! You get to run 35" tall tires and the off-road "look" without giving up the street drive-ability and still easy to get in and out of!

This is a 2013 10th Anniversary Jeep Wrangler Rubicon JKU it is a great driving and very capably vehicle right off the showroom floor.

This build features an 1-3/4" lift and GenRight high clearance tube fenders, which allow for 35" Yokohama X-M/T Tires on 17" KMC Wheels, while maintaining on-road handling characteristics without having to modify the steering, drive shafts or brake lines.

Parts on this build totaled $9520

FBB-8345 - Front Bumper w/Winch Guard Bar $1199.99

FBB-8224 - Front bumper rash guard $199.99

TFF-8SIF-PC - Front Inner Fenders $349.99

RBB-8220 - Rear Bumper, Aluminum $1299.99

RBB-8225 - Rear bumper rash guard, outside $99.99

RBB-8224 - Rear bumper rash guard, center $119.99

TFF-8720 & TFR-8020 - Tube Fenders, GenRight Aluminum $1399.99

KJ09137BK - Lift, Daystar 1-3/4" w/o shocks $199.99

Wheels, KMC RG1 simulated bead locks $189.99 ea ($949.95)

Tires, 35 x 12.50 x 17" Yokohama X-MT $250.00 ea ($1250.00)

89611 - Winch, Zeon 10S $1249.99

4838150 - Teraflex Tire Carrier $699.99

Powder coating all the parts (light texture black) $500.00