7/8-14 FK Heim Rod End w/ built-in Misalignments (Choose Thread)

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HRSMX12 FK Heim Rod End, LEFT hand w/built in misalignment, bore is 3/4"


This is an American Made fully CrMo (aircraft grade) 7/8 shank x 3/4" bore Heim. The amount of rotation in this rod end is perfect for trac bars where the built-in misalignment on the ball is enough.

This is the exact same heim we run with all our axle side trac bars (LH or RH) of all the GenRight Jeeps.


  • Genuine FK brand Rod End.
  • Both Left & Right Hand Threads available.
  • Large 7/8-14 threaded shank.
  • Hi strength CrMo body.
  • Hardened & chromed ball with built-in misalignment (HRSMX).
  • Accepts a 3/4" diameter bolt.
  • 1.275" total width
  • Sold individually (each).
  • Does not include tube adapter or jam nut. (optional items)

Important NOTES:

  • Proper fitment requires cutting the tubing to length (for your specific vehicle) and then welding the threaded inserts (bungs) into the end of the trac bar tubing. This may require chasing the threads after welding.
  • We offer a few different trac bar mounts (SUP-8610 & FSM-1013) that fit this Heim. They are all built for Hi-steer applications.
  • Once Installed, you MUST cycle the front suspension and steering (in all possible direction combinations) to make sure the ball joints or heims DO NOT exceed their range of motion which would damage the steering components and could cause a failure resulting in a loss of steering control!

Be Sure to see More Pictures for larger more detailed images.