Rear Coil Over Shock Mount & Cross Member Kit, 4 door JK

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JK Elite Rear Shock Towers and Cross Member


This is the best way to convert your Jeep Wrangler JK to coil over shocks (without having them hang down below the rear axle).

It is a VERY clean and simple design which "frenches" into the inside of the JK frame & tub from our Elite Suspension system.

The GenRight coil over shock mounts are know for their superior quality. Same product Tony uses on his Terremoto JKU!

By adding them to your Jeep you can increase your wheel travel and maximize your dampening control at the wheel.

Why do it this way?

  1. So nothing hangs down under the rear axle! The lower mount is "up" flush with the bottom of the rear axle.
  2. So you can run longer shocks.
  3. So you can run coil overs and keep your back seat / cargo area (in the 4 door model).
  4. Instead of re-locating the coil spring mount AND figuring out where to re-mount the shock, we convert to a coil over shock!


This rear crossmember and rear shock towers are designed to fit in one specific location on the JKU frame. The lower shock mounts are integrated into the "control arm mounts" and should be ordered separately (BKT-8435).


We recommend and sell the FOX and KING 2.5" diameter coil over shocks with a Dual Rate spring set that are valved specifically for the rear Jeep suspension. These shocks are also fine tuneable by you by changing oil level, oil weight and nitrogen pressure.


  • Optimal shock position for maximum dampening control.
  • Allows you to run 14" long travel shocks.
  • Laser cut from 1/4" thick steel and CNC formed.
  • Includes (2) large laser cut shock towers and rear crossmember.
  • Super wide shock mount opening (1-3/4" wide) will not bind on long travel shocks
  • By relocating the shocks outboard, it allows for more exhaust routing options.
  • Can be used with coil over or regular type shocks (that use a 1/2" bolt top & bottom).
  • Can be used with 2.5" or huge 3.0" diameter coil over shocks.


  • (2) Upper shock mounts (frame side).
  • (1) Crossmember, rear
  • Includes remote res mounts (to either side of the shock tower).


  • Cutting and welding is required to install this product!
  • You must use the GenRight rear mounted fuel tank (20 gal GST-8002-2, 25 gal GST-8003-2 or 36 gal GST-8007-2)
  • Must be used in conjunction with our separate King or Fox hydraulic bump stop (SUP-8055) which can be purchased at GenRight too.
  • We recommend using our Elite kit rear axle side mounting kit for the lower shock mount kit & bump pad (BKT-8345).
  • We also offer a generic rear shock mounting tab for the axle side mount (if not using the BKT-8435).
  • Always run a limit strap from the frame to the axle, to protect the shock.
  • This is a “Builders Kit”. Builders Kit parts are sold to the guy who wants to “do it their way” and who does not need tech support. There are too many product combinations and variables for us to advise you sight unseen. If you need instructions or tech help, please buy the entire Elite kit as we designed it.